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This Means War

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Chahta hai and so many great movies have one significant conclusion — follow your heart. Our heart and instincts are much more reliable than our brain and experience. Technically, that’s true because life doesn’t follow a plan. There is no “ultimate purpose” to fulfill. If we…

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Is H&M Just Talking the Talk?

The dangers of global warming have been spreading like wildfire. To slow down the inevitable from happening, people from all over the world have been inculcating habits that are environment friendly. Plastic straws are replaced with paper straws, reusable glasses have been in the making. Restaurants, arcades, tourist places, and so many more places are…

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Reimagining Makeup: A Gender Neutral Endeavour

Is makeup just for women? 

Gen-Z says not at all. From the plethora of tutorials available on social media to the profusion of brands offering gender-neutral makeup, the stride of the current generation seems to be on the path of making beauty everyone’s business.

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The Blue Curtains

My grandmother slipped into oblivion after the death of my grandpa. For hours straight, she used to look out of the window and repeat the same line back and forth. “The flowers seem so wilted. Do they still smell the same?” She used to ask, as if she is stuck in a loophole and can’t…

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The Sexist School Culture

Educational institutions serve as important agents of socialization, especially for young children, and remain so well into their late teenage years, therefore whatever they learn here has a lifelong impact on them. However, educational institutions as socializing agents are not isolated, in fact they are often shaped by and mimic the world outside, so it…

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In His Image

The testament of His glory, gilded by the stars.
A dome above, carved by hands divine,
from where His mercy pours
Rejuvenating Earth and all in Her.
As He rules from the throne above.
He graced her, by many a hue in His palette;
From azure to bronze.
She reflects, like a mirror,
The joy and sorrow of the Realm below.

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