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In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

Non-fiction that resembles waves.

Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing is a string that continues to flawlessly knit words and experiences together. In Other Words, her non-fiction work, which was published in 2015, contains biographical details too. This text includes her thoughts and experiences while learning and drowning in a different language, in this case, Italian. She lets us…

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Sit Still, Look Pretty

They’ll tell you to smile,
Sit still, look pretty
They’ll tell you to focus on your looks
That itty bitty waist
Your eyes, your lips

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The Dawn After I Faded Away

My sister is silent;
running through random pages
of novels which I had never read.
As if looking for me.
The page flickers against
Her hand; struggling, not to turn.
As if bidding adieu.

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The Last Time (s)

“God! How drunk were you?” Amyra exclaimed as she tossed her clutch in the air when she entered the room. “Look at that poor hand. Are you happy now that you can’t move it?” She commented as she closely inspected my fractured arm and the bruises on my face. I flinched and groaned in…

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Yet Another Fairytale Retelling

Three figures, drenched from head to toe burst into a house to escape from the storm – Belle and her two sisters. They had fled from their village to escape the wrath of the beast who had set its sights on Belle and would surely be on their trail by now. Hopefully, they had gained…

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