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Broken God

My sister has always been an angel. Her skin was dark and blemish free, the color of the smoothest blend of chocolate. Her legs were long and firm, soft as a leafling. My eyes were a deep brown, darker than my own and sharp like a knife’s edge glinting in the firelight. Our parents were…

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My Kingdom Come

I awaken from the depths of my slumber. Pitiful and scorned, in a world lonely and torn. My eyes peel open, hit by the blinding lights,  Of grey ash and embers of a dying fire. Dark skin of mine caked in grey and white. This ash a plague on my mortal soul. It fell all…

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A Crow’s Lament

The last dregs of the night’s sweet tobacco hung heavy over the district’s visitors like the cloudy gray veil artistes used to obscure their faces, luring their prey with kohl-lined eyes.  Men from all walks of life could be seen scurrying about the streets of Sanguine Boulevard; old men with graying beards and stout bellies…

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Moving Forward and Holding On

I changed schools often when I was younger, following my parents as they scaled India. Unfortunately, unlike my brother, I was not bubbly and talkative, so it took me more time to settle down and make friends. Over all the years and all the friends I made and lost, I learnt to keep moving along…

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