A Cup of Sunshine

Graphic by Bhavesh Govindnani
A cup of Sunshine 

For my palette of colors I would like
To dip my brushes and
Paint my canvas all alike.
For I miss the yellow tint
And warm essence
In my paintings.

A cup of Sunshine
I would like
For my little dandelion
To bloom in a vibrant yellow color.
For the approaching winter
Is making it shudder
And lose its joy.

A cup of Sunshine
I would like
For my poor little soul
That's hung up on the moments
Of summer and autumn
That passed way too quick
As though it were all winter's trick.

The nearing winter
Makes me fear
Of getting the feelings frozen.
Oh, wait!
What if it's a bad omen?
So, I want a cup of Sunshine
To keep my spirits warm
And lay down for a while
In the sunflower farm.

A cup of Sunshine
I would like
To preserve all the sweet moments
I made in the summer.
The romance
I had with the stars,
The secrets
I shared with fireflies
The long walks through
The shoveled alleys
And all the other moments
That I didn't bother
To keep in my gallery of memories.

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1 thought on “A Cup of Sunshine

  1. Meera Upadhyay

    सराहनीय प्रयास ! मन की भावनाएं शब्दों में ढलकर कई दिलों में उतर गईं……!!
    प्रयास जारी रखो …..बहुत अच्छा लिखा है …..तुमने !!


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