A Letter to Mia

“I have decided, I am gonna quit. I am done with this job. I am done for good”, said a completely exhausted and irritated Mia. It had been 2 years since Mia had started working as an editorial assistant at BookLords, one of the most sought after publishing houses in Luxembourg.
“WHAT?” was the immediate response that came out of Logan’s mouth, “Calm down, there is no need to be so shocked”, Logan’s open mouth and wide-open eyes felt as if Mia wanted to break-up. Mia worried and confused, could only ask him to calm down at this point. However, to her surprise, Logan’s wide-open mouth suddenly closed in, forming a smile, not just an assuring smile but rather an ear-to-ear happy smile.
“What’s there to be happy about?”, asked an almost frustrated Mia, “Well, I knew how much you wanted to do better at this job and moreover, you were so happy about it that I couldn’t tell you this earlier, but, I was hoping that you would quit this job,” said Logan.
“What? You wanted me to quit, WHY?”, asked Mia. “See hon, you have a degree in business as well, and if you would use that, you could have gotten a better job than this one, with less work and more pay. This job has turned you into a workaholic. The last time I had a home-cooked meal made by you was months ago! I miss you! I want you to spend more time with me. I want us to be able to go out with our friends. Earlier, I used to feel so lonely when all my friends came in with their girlfriends and you were nowhere to be found. So, you see, I am glad you have decided to quit and finally, we can go back to our Uni days when you had time for me.”, replied Logan in a serious yet immature tone.
Mia was frustrated and tired of the endless calls and scheduling, keeping track of meetings and conferences of her editor. However, all her struggles turned into smiles when she could get hold of the draft works sent by upcoming novelists. The ones who were struggling just like her.
Her editor often asked her to check, organize, and separate the discarded stories from the selected ones, it was during that time when she used to discover certain gems among the pile of rubble. When she returned from work today, the reason behind her sigh and decision was not extra work or less pay, rather it was because of an incident that took place at work earlier. When she said, she was going to quit, that wasn’t something that came out of her heart but was rather a blunt-out-statement that was the offspring of anger and frustration that had manifested inside of her.
She had wanted Logan to ask her what was wrong and wished for him to stop her from making this decision, not push her towards it. She was caught off guard with no way out. Listening to Logan say that she was not fit for the job and that he had never liked her doing it had put her in an awkward situation. Well, now her already low self-esteem was about to hit rock bottom. If the man that had been with her for almost 8 years now, and her soon-to-be husband was saying that he always knew she wasn’t the cutout for it,then did she really have a chance of turning things around for herself?
She felt trapped and lonely. 3 years ago, when she had decided to leave her country, family and friends, to accompany her beloved boyfriend, she knew she would never feel lonely as long as she had him. Although just after a few months, Logan became busy. Mia was not very outgoing, so all her friends were practically Logan’s friends, but she never complained about it. Later on, when she got accepted as an editorial intern at BookLords, she was on the seventh heaven. Even though Logan was not all for it, he never said no for the job. Moving step by step from being an intern to the editorial assistant, Mia had given her all to this job. She always felt that Logan was right behind her, supporting her, but today, as she turned back, Logan was missing. He was never really there.
As her mind was filling in with thoughts of self-doubt, her ears filled in with the noise from the doorbell. While she was busy reassessing her life-choices so far, Logan had already left to meet up with his friends. She quickly rushed to get the door as the doorbell had now turned from noise to a siren as if someone was almost ready to break it. As she opened the door, there stood a courier boy with a letter in his hand.
“Mia Skater?”, he asked in a rush.
“No, this is Mia Stewards”, replied Mia.
“D-405, right? You from states?”, confirmed the boy.
“Yes, but am not Mia Skaters”, replied Mia.
“Well there is no other Mia in this building & the address seems to be right. It must be you, take it and sign here. I have a lot more left to deliver.”, said the boy.
Even though the surname was wrong, Mia accepted the letter and signed the sheet. She just wanted a moment of peace and silence. She had no strength left to argue.
After closing the door, she kept the letter on the dining table and went to take her much-needed bath.
She was now feeling a little better. Her mind was still, clotted with thoughts. She came into the kitchen to grab a bite as her eyes landed on the letter.
It was addressed to Mia Skaters, D-405 from Merida Rogers, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
She had no clue about these two ladies but her curiosity made her open the letter. Inside, there was a charm bracelet. Along with it, there was a letter, dating 4-years back.
“Maybe Merida wrote it but never posted it, until now.”, she thought to herself.
“Maybe this Mia stayed here before us.”, she concluded.
Reaching the brink of her curiosity, Mia went for the read.
The letter read as follows,

Dear Mia,
I understand now. You have done great so far, do not give up now. Do not quit.
I apologize, my sweet pea. I know you have the talent, you have always had it. Before you, I had seen the same spark in your mother’s eyes when we were 12. We used to accompany your grandpa Max to his work. Your mom’s eyes would light up seeing the actors practicing scenes. We could never see the actual show, but that spark stayed in her eyes till we reached home. She would then draw and act out scenes on her own just like you. You are just like your mother.
Your mom turned her dream into reality. She was one of the best drama artists the country had seen. Nevertheless, with the fall of her act, she also fell into the depths of depression and despair. I lost her but, she left you for me. You are a gift for me, Mia. How can I not be worried about you? I stopped you from acting because I was afraid of losing you. I can’t afford to lose you.
Recently I saw your act. Josie showed it to me on Facebook. I won’t lie, the script was nothing special but, the smile you had, while delivering those lines, that showed me your dedication and sincerity. I am proud of you, love.
If your work gives you that smile, you must be loving it. I understand you now. Remember that your job can get tougher and things might not go as planned. But, the happiness you get from your work is worth all the hard work. Try to give your audience the same happiness that you feel while working.
I know, I asked you to return home only when you have quit the stage. But now, I just want you to come back. Come back, Mia. If your job makes you happy that’s all I want for you. It’s the smile that matters.

With Love,
Aunt Merida.
P.S Wear this bracelet at all times, it won’t let you quit.

The letter filled Mia’s heart with warmth and love. It left her teary-eyed. She had finally heard what she wanted to hear. She felt appreciated as if her hard work was finally being acknowledged. This is what she needed from Logan. She couldn’t believe the wondrous ways God worked. The answer she had been seeking for weeks from herself, her fiancé , her friends and her colleagues, had she finally received, but from a stranger, in the form of an unexpected letter.
She decided that she no longer wanted to quit. Instead, she was going to make her senior editor understand that the new and unknown authors deserve to be published as well. And, how it could benefit the publication.
She broke the news to Logan, he wasn’t happy about it. But Mia knew that the smile was all that mattered.

[After a Year]

“Yes, I believe your book will be a hit in the young-adults genre. Talk out the details with my assistant and I will discuss the rest in the next meeting. You are in the same age-group and I have faith in your potential. Don’t stress over it.”, said a confident and newly promoted editor at BookLords, Miss Mia Stewards.
“Stacy, keep me updated regarding the next meeting. I am going for a meeting at the drama company, they seem to be interested in adapting our bestseller into a drama”, said Mia rushing down the stairs.
Mia absentmindedly slipped and fell, while exiting the company after her successful meeting. Soon, this beautiful young-looking lady rushed in to help her get up.
“Are you okay?” asked the lady.
“Don’t worry about it. I tend to get clumsy at times”, replied Mia.
“Thank you. I am Mia Stewards, editor at BookLords”, said Mia, introducing herself.
“Don’t mention it. My name is the same as yours, Mia Skaters. I am an artist here.”, replied Miss Skaters with a smile.
Mia couldn’t believe that she might be meeting the original Mia from the letter.
“Do you know Merida Rogers from Atlanta?”, asked Mia in an excited tone.
“Well, that’s my aunt. How do you know her though?”, asked Miss Skaters in surprise.
Mia took out the letter from her purse. She always carried it with her and read it whenever she felt stressed or upset. That letter changed her life. She got herself out of a mismatched relationship and now led a life that perfectly matched her dreams.
Miss Skater took a look at that letter and gave Mia a hearty smile. When Mia offered her to read it, she said, she had already read that letter about a year ago. When she went back to see her aunt, after signing the contract with the drama company. That letter had filled her with happiness and positivity. But, she was in a better place by then. Her aunt could never bring herself to mail that letter. So, she did that herself. She mailed it to her old address, hoping it would reach someone who needed it.
And it did.
That unexpected letter had gifted Mia the confidence and the life she expected for herself. It was then Mia realised, even though the letter came to her by chance it was always destined for her.
She looked at her hand and rubbed her bracelet while walking out of the door with a big smile on her face and happiness in her heart.

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