A Modern Fairy Tale

a modern fairy tale

I’m a mess, I know I am,
And he’s my savior at all times.
I do anything I want to right out of the blue,
While he’s all organized and never holds dues.
Whenever we eat a corn pizza, I slowly eat away all of his corn,
Though he gets angry, his anger is always taken over by his yearn.
Whenever we go out to shop,
I carry a lot of things and surely anyone of them would drop.
If we talk over the phone and I’m eating something crunchy,
That sound irritates him, so I chew a little louder and he gets all grumpy.
I know I have him whenever I feel low,
He knows that I’ll hold him when difficult times blow.
No relation will ever be a fairy tale and neither was ours,
Reality struck us hard and we felt drifting apart real far.
As days passed by, somehow, we started arguing more than having fun,
Growing misunderstandings and silence made us feel as though we were done.
All those harsh times when we fought,
We preferred not to talk despite having a lot of things to sort.
He told me a word and I told him two,
We started arguing over the silliest of things and time just flew.
Eating pizza filled with corn was no longer tasty,
Shopping alone, dropping things and being clumsy reminded me of how he looked after me all this while as a baby.
I guess this is the problem of being like-minded and having a lot of things in common,
We act all normal, hurting ourselves, despite loving each other which is pretty uncommon.
It was too much to take in so I pinged him at 2 in the night,
“Let’s meet, I want to talk to you,” I said. “9 am, Pizza Hut,” he replied with the sentence ending with a smile real bright.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach, couldn’t resist at all to meet,
At 6 am, I got this message which read, “Wait for me at the bus stop and walk while watching your feet.”
I said, “I thought you would walk away, I was really scared,”
He said, “I will never let these little fights take me away from you. Maybe, we were destined to be paired.”
I could see tears in his eyes that he perfectly hides whenever we have this parting talk and agree,
I said, “Even if you want to, I will never let you walk away, you are forever stuck with me.”

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