A Road to Remember

Have you ever wondered if it’s been a long since you’ve given yourself a break from the busy and monotonous lifestyle?

You think and realize that you haven’t sat down with your friends and had a chat or spent quality time with your family. Moreover, you don’t know where your life is leading you because you haven’t thought about yourself. 

Life gives us breaks at regular intervals but we do not realize their importance. Every week concludes with a weekend in order to recharge and revive our bodies after a long week of hard work and stress. In order to rejuvenate it is essential to plan a weekend getaway with family, friends, or even a solo trip. The feeling of visiting a new place fills our soul with unparalleled joy and excitement.

Personally, my idea of a weekend getaway is to explore a location where I can find peace in the breathtaking views of mountains and am able to unwind and escape the monotonous busy life. Kasauli is the perfect location to spend my weekend. It is a small town located in Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded by beautiful and magnificent mountains. This place has many old memories associated with my life as I was born there and spent the initial years of my life in it. 

Growing up in this town constitutes the most cherishing and beautiful memories of my life. From the chilly winters during which my grandparents and I used to light up the fireplace and talk endlessly to the not-so-hot summers when I used to spend the entire day playing with my brother and friends; this place has been constant. 

It is commonly said that you never realize the value of something until it’s gone, and a similar situation happened with me when my family and I moved away from Kasauli. Initially, I didn’t miss the place but after a few years, I finally realized its importance. The lush green and breathtaking mountains, the wintery cold breeze, the luminous fog, the calmness and peace, the warmth of the sun in the cold winter mornings, the awe-inspiring sunsets, and a lot more things that attract my soul towards that place. Whenever I think about Kasauli, my mind wanders for hours and hours and fills my heart with nostalgia and the urge to visit that place again and again. I will never get over that place.

I still remember the days on my way back home from my school. I used to walk on the beautiful pavement surrounded by oak, pine, and chestnut trees on one side and from the other side I enjoyed the mesmerizing view of the lower mountains

Since Kasauli is a small town walking is by far the best option to scrutinize. This gives you the opportunity to explore the place very well and look closely into the rare and diversified nature of the destination. Going for a nature walk is the best, it provides me serenity and helps me to rejuvenate.

This place isn’t spoilt by commercialization and persists in pristine nature and complete tranquility which makes it perfect for people like me who are keen on nature and embrace the mountains. My ultimate weekend in Kasauli would begin with me waking up early and feast my eyes with the sunrise with a cup of tea and a classic novel. Then, I’ll get ready and begin my way towards the mall road to enjoy the great food and buy some unique stuff. Following the path, I’d go for a small yet alluring one-and-a-half-kilometer trek on the Gilbert Trail, and begin my way towards the famous Monkey Point to get a better view of Chandigarh and the Sutlej River. Keeping in mind to beware of the monkeys, the ending of my day would be accompanied by a beautiful sunset from yet a famous sight of the place, Sunset Point. 

What better than this day, an astonishing view, clean streets, fresh air with a sense of serenity in it, awe-striking sunset and sunrise, good food, not even a single moment of regret, and a day of self-love.

It is important to focus on work and studies but breaks are essential too. Spending some days at a place that has a backstory to it or even a new place, will impart a great amount of happiness within you. It is imperative to spend some time with ourselves and learn to enjoy the good innings. A weekend getaway is a beautiful idea as you’ll be able to gain new experiences and expand your horizons in just a day or two. Moreover, you’ll be able to spend quality time with yourself, your family and friends.

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