A Symphony of Life

Graphic by Surya dev Yadav

At some point of time in life, everyone wishes that some things could or should have ended differently. No one can escape this inevitable feeling. Life isn’t fair, so it will surely bring such moments and people to you. There are many possible combinations of reasons that one can think of when talking about ways of letting others down. People can lie and mislead you for their own personal gains, or the best of intentions from both parties still lead to misunderstandings and create chaos. You may not get picked despite having all the qualifications and hence be let down by the system. Someone may steal from you or cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. Someone may talk about you behind your back. Sometimes, you may get hurt for no apparent reason. However, the end result for all this is almost always the same, you feel frustrated, upset, angry, and other feelings that result in heartache. Every so often in life, you may end up in an endless cycle of going back and forth over and over in hopes that something may change. I know I have, many times at that. Some ended up making a positive difference because there really was hope, some not quite so.

I think all of this can be pictured as a symphony. A full-out orchestra of people and events with four major movements and a typical sonata. How the music makes you feel depends on what the symphony is, how it’s been arranged and how the people and events pan out for the piece as a whole. 

The First movement: Meeting.

Everything resonates well and energy flows because it’s all-new. The excitement of discovering new things and having visions of new possibilities excites you. Maybe hints of doubts, the ‘warning signs’ — as some may call it — tingle your ears now and then but they are often swallowed by the jolly sweet sounds of novelty and amazement.

The Second movement: Bonding.

Usually, this is the phase where trust is built and beautiful memories are made that you believe will gleam for eternity. At least, you hope and wish that it is the case. This is usually where things branch out. A good ending has a different movement and the not-so-good one. 

The Third movement: Revelation.

Most heartaches don’t come with apparent flags to make you ponder over what is really going to happen, 

Sometimes, people just happen to become a major life experience due to some major twist, usually the third movement. The shrill sounds of realization and the loud bangs of the drums of hurtful reality often leave the mind in a frenzy making it alert and wary of everyone and in the worst possible case even, themselves. I feel it could be deemed as the peak of sorrow and/or confusion.

The Fourth movement: Quietness.

Either things have settled down after misunderstandings have been cleared or a middle path has been found. However, not all are fortunate enough for the peaceful fall of curtains. Some have to make peace with a loss. And within this time period of solitude and stillness, give birth to the courage to move on and maybe even begin again.

In the end, this symphony is just a part of life. It will play again with different instruments and melodies. You may not feel like it but you can be the Maestro, after all, it is your life. People will come and many of them will make an exit too, but that fact shouldn’t hold you back. Of course, being cautious and protecting yourself is important, but don’t lose the chance to play better music with other people. Who knows, maybe they aren’t here to let you down, and instead they give you the most splendid melodies of life.

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