A Taste of Yesterday

Graphic by Banani

Woke up to the same alarm

in routine there is seldom charm.

Life hardly gives a moment,

to think, to remember, to lament.

What’s different about today?

Began like every other day-

the body slow, the mind reluctant,

the sun though shining and radiant.

Coffee and milk together in a cup,

magically wakes one up.

Everyday for years it tasted the same,

the view outside is the same.

Today the mind is not here anymore.

The liquid has carried it across the shore-

To a different city, a different time, 

somewhere very familiar, feels sublime.

The eyes are teary,

The lips betray and become cheery.

To the mind, memories are always sweeter.

Alas! The present, when lived, often looks gloomier.

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