Alive Online

Graphic by Himanshu Vaidya

The world of online games is permanent.

Alone, poor, desolate, I sit in my darkroom,

Not remembering the window is closed.


Focusing on leveling by stopping living

Given that my social life is deteriorating

In any case, got the perfect artifact build.


Though tired, I went to the next stage

As I sat in the dirty room

The cups and cans lay in the same place.


The world of online games consumes me.

Not remembering the day or time

The characters stare at me with hypnotic eyes.


Though tired, I went to the next stage.

A rotten strategy to protect myself,

Swinging the best weapons and hitting combos.


The big numbers make people think,

I am a proud hero of the organization.

However, nothing holds any value anymore.


The world of online games, where I stay,

Respects my position in the guild.

But, the real world will keep going without me.

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