Are Education and Values Interlinked?

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What are we supposed to mean when we talk about education and values? The latest definition as per dictionary suggests –

Education of a particular kind involves teaching the person about a particular issue usually restricted to educational institutes whereas values are the principles that help us to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations, including key skills, moral values, empathy, sympathy and integrity. Education is a wider concept and can’t be restricted only to schools or colleges alone. It’s not an inheritable trait but we acquire it by learning and practising to fit better in society and to contribute in return. We learn it from our environment, personal experiences and observations. We can learn from anywhere. We’re all free to learn new skills and to instil humanistic values from our atmosphere.

I have observed diverse people and always tried to acquire something valuable from them.

I, fortunately, got a chance to meet highly qualified people having degrees in various domains. Some of them were genuine and cautious while responding to a particular situation. Others were inconsiderate not just in handling the situation but also in their ways of handling people. On the other hand, those who were comparatively less qualified or had no formal education at all managed to handle diverse and abstruse situations gracefully, communicated in a much better way than highly qualified people which contradicts the fact that it’s always about the education that makes a person educated and instils humility and values in a person.

 Now the question arises:

Does any type of relationship between education and the teachings of values actually exist?

Blaming something always comes easy and if I compare the above-said statements, I believe education works with the same principle on every individual. It’s always about the person and what he chose to acquire from the education and its teachings. People having similar kinds of educational backgrounds yet treating different people differently show the teachings and values they chose to acquire over time.

The purpose of education should be to make a person civilized which can only be fulfilled by acquiring deep humanistic values and implementing those with the same integrity in our life. Only then can we assume a well-established relationship between education and the values a person acquired along with one’s consciousness which again forms a basic and necessary requirement in developing a suitable relationship. The absence of either always ended up making the process blind. Education along with our conciseness makes learning a complete and valuable experience. 

It entirely depends on a person what he chose to learn and how he chose to respond to a particular situation as per his consciousness.

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