I ‘Unlove’ You

“Can you recall the first time you met him?” Dr. Shikha, my therapist, asked.

Without breaking my gaze from the crystal stone that I was fidgeting with from the start of the session, I started to recollect the faint memory in my head. A light chuckle might’ve escaped as I juggled through the thousand beautiful memories…

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Cruelty Towards Animals Has To Stop. No Really!

Cruelty toward animals is not some random act. It does reflect some masochistic tendencies. But the people who do this sort of thing to animals would do the same things to human beings. However, the only thing stopping them is law and order. It’s not that there aren’t laws against animal cruelty. Acts like the…

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Victoria’s Secret — Assorting Heterogeneity

In July 2021, Victoria’s Secret introduced a new ensemble of “angels.” They include American athlete Megan Rapinoe, actress and activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Vanetina Sampaio, the brand’s first transgender model. They allude to a significantly more variegated vision of beauty than was previously customary for the once-popular corporation. Victoria’s Secret learnt a lesson that…

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Digital Blackface

In the world of digitization, we are exposed to a plethora of content every day. While our plates are already full, more content is added for our consumption. But in this content binging, we have been conveniently neglecting an issue that dates back to the 19th century. ‘Digital Blackface’ – a social phenomenon that encourages…

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The Sexuality of Celebration

Humans are non-binary. Emotions, experiences, even the love that we feel is a spectrum, not a divide. Females can be callous and males can be gentle. To be human is not a job description, it’s not a controlled experiment, and we are not meant to be specimens under observation or puppets to be commandeered by…

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