The Dawn After I Faded Away

My sister is silent;
running through random pages
of novels which I had never read.
As if looking for me.
The page flickers against
Her hand; struggling, not to turn.
As if bidding adieu.

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PFAS tainting Rainwater quality! Is it still safe?

It is a widely accepted norm that rainwater is a safe source of drinking water, as it supplies many of our water bodies. But the latest studies demonstrate novel insights into persistent chemical pollution and rainwater contamination.

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Accessibility and India

During my junior year of college, I had to pass through the settlement of workers and gardeners to reach the railway station.

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Code Switching

Graphics by Eric Estibeiro Language is a mode of communication through which feelings are expressed and messages are delivered verbally. Every country across the globe has its official language while some countries have regional and local languages, which make them multilingual. From the 16th century, the Britishers started making their moves to expand their kingdom…

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Is H&M Just Talking the Talk?

The dangers of global warming have been spreading like wildfire. To slow down the inevitable from happening, people from all over the world have been inculcating habits that are environment friendly. Plastic straws are replaced with paper straws, reusable glasses have been in the making. Restaurants, arcades, tourist places, and so many more places are…

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Reimagining Makeup: A Gender Neutral Endeavour

Is makeup just for women? 

Gen-Z says not at all. From the plethora of tutorials available on social media to the profusion of brands offering gender-neutral makeup, the stride of the current generation seems to be on the path of making beauty everyone’s business.

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