Book Review: Ascension Magick

It has been quite a long while since I did some serious reading apart from last minute flipping and skimming through pages of lofty books, journals and pdfs to finish my college assignments. As I picked up my hobby of writing to convert it into a profession, I realised that my skills were rusted, I did not have any words to put my thoughts, and I stared at the blank canvas in front of me for several days, hoping inspiration would strike. I was disheartened. The last five years have been very happening. I have learned a lot. Yet, I was unable to speak or write about it. I started with re-reading books on Wattpad and Tapsa. I devoured volumes of Tinkle, Magic Pot, Amar Chitra Katha, and different books on Fairy Tales. I managed to start a dozen pieces – poems, articles, a book – but left them all incomplete Writer’s Block perhaps.

This went on until I came across a book called Ascension Magic, Ritual, Myth & Healing by Christopher Penczak. On a spooky website “The Eye Eu” in their section of Occult, I found this pdf and downloaded it. A little background here. I have been dabbling into psychic stuff in the last two years. The intensity has increased more so this year because I don’t have college yet and like others, am in the house since five months or so. So when I saw the word Ascension in the title, I quickly downloaded it, shut everything else and sat with it. This is when I realised, along with my writing, even my reading skills are rusted. The book is hardly 900 pages. I had not finished even 100 pages in 3 days. This really rattled me. Well, a lot of things have changed over the years.

This book is amazing. Anyone who is a newbie into psychic stuff, or is purely interested in separating truth from trends and fads concerning this field, Ascension Magic is your Bible, your Holy Grail, your everything. The content is to the point, language is simple, good font size, and chronologically arranged. The book is divided into five parts with several chapters under it. The first part deals with what Ascension is and its brief history. The second deals with core beliefs and spiritual hierarchy. The remaining parts I shall not mention here. It is for the seeker to seek this wisdom.

I am an Arts student and a writer. I take pride in my writing skills; in my ability to write complex, long sentences which look like a paragraph; in framing heart wrenching poems; in subtle nuances which remind the reader of his skeletons; embalming a broken heart; and plucking the right strings to play mind games. I am also a person who is suffering from a writer’s block while salvaging my rusty skills. Then, comes this lovely book in my life, which so very casually remarks, as if it were very obvious, that “words lack the power of experience.” This resonated at a very emotional level soothing the self-inflicted pains of critical self-judgement over the inability to produce good quality pieces as in the past. I started taking this book seriously. It resolved a lot of conflicts and helped me to understand what I had gotten myself into by jumping into the psychic field. It also challenged a lot of my belief systems, helping me grow and heal.

I would highly recommend this book, especially to the students of arts, particularly my generation. It does a wonderful job of bridging the gap between arts, sciences, mythology, and spirituality.

A good book is a treasure, not in the knowledge it contains, but in the transformation it begets. Happy reading!

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