Author: Aditi Unnikrishnan

Operation Vijay: The Road to Victory 5 (11)

“Yeh dil mange more”, the slogan by Captain Batra which translates to “My heart wishes for more,” carried on its legacy by featuring in many campaigns and still resonates with the spirit of the ‘Jawans’ of our nation. Chanting “Durga Mata ki Jai” (All Hail Goddess Durga), Captain Vikram Batra, fired relentlessly till he took […]

Borderline Personality Disorder: Exhaustion to No End 4.8 (9)

The entire discussion concerning the matter of ‘Mental Health’ has always been invariably subjected to as a tainted topic to be refrained from having a discussion about. The stigma that is brought upon mental health illnesses can be attributed to years of conditioning of addressing the same as a personality defect. Due to this blemish […]

Discrimination and Diversity Go Hand-in-Hand 0 (0)

If one could come up with an analogy for the term ‘discrimination’, it would probably be a virus. A virus affects people of certain metabolic types. Similarly, certain sections of society are subjected to discrimination. Having mutants posing to serve the purpose of the pathogen depending upon the strength of the variant; discrimination has its […]