Author: Alvina Alex

Why is bullying seen as a normal thing in India? 0 (0)

Bullying in the oxford dictionary means to seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable), which means genuinely harm someone with words or actions. We have always seen bullies in Hollywood movies which mostly bully the protagonists of the movie in school. Well, I have also seen a lot of people say that […]

Beside The River, Safe From The Rain 5 (3)

The Twilight games of the kids filled the air, one can hear their laughter, energetic shouts as well as see their mothers gather and talk about their daily struggles of passing life.  There was this playground that occasionally appeared during the driest summers that we had when the heavy river dried up a bit.  A small patch of land, which in a blink of an eye turned green, with lush grass.