Author: Gokul Biju

Battling Racism: Revisting the Unjust History of Olympics 4.2 (5)

Racism has always been a continued and very active presence in the domain of sports. All types of sports, irrespective of any differences or similarities, have been perpetrators of racism in their way. Like any other sporting event, the Olympics also have been a venue for racism and the fight against it. Racism in the Olympics goes back as long as 1904, where the authorities conducted a special Olympics. The people from the non-industrialized parts of the world, especially Asia and Africa, were made to compete against white people in different sporting events that were unfamiliar to them.

The Three-Child Policy: China to Fight Population Crisis 4.5 (6)

The three-child policy is the newest of the family planning policies implemented by the People’s Republic of China. On 31st May 2021, the Chinese president and the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Xi Jinping, announced the three-child policy at the CCP Politburo meeting, to address the issue of the rapidly ageing Chinese population.

Understanding Consent: what is it and why is it important? 4.3 (11)

Consent is one of those concepts that people, especially Indians are not very familiar with; a concept we do not consider important enough to put the effort to understand and implement in our lives. Our culture has never been very keen on the need for understanding what consent is or how it is important for […]