Author: Gowtham Siddharth

Orthorexia: Genuine Desire to Unhealthy Obsession 0 (0)

Introduction Imagine waking up in the morning and sipping black tea as you go through the morning paper, followed by a green smoothie and a gluten-free sandwich topped with avocado. Sounds peachy and awesome, doesn’t it? There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and being at zen but when it becomes an obsession and reaches […]

Casual Homophobia – The Unintended Curse 4.6 (5)

Derogatory words, racial slurs, or even the way we address some people based on their caste will often have unintended effects attached to them. Harassment, sexual violence, and misgendering are given to trans people daily, and in some places, their basic right to live is even questioned. In India, almost all languages have a specific […]