Author: Miriam Benjamin

Ruby Eyes 0 (0)

Pitter patter. The rain fell with an eerie harmony. He opened his eyes to a room dimly lit by the fluorescent streetlight nearby. Mildly disoriented, it took Akim a minute to realize where he was. After dumbly staring at the translucent grey curtains until he could finally open both his eyes, he found it fit that his next step would be to check the time. The bright phone screen, now fully charged, blared 8:03 pm and Akim let out a noise of annoyance. What was meant to be a quick afternoon nap had evolved into a full-fledged three hours rest.

Putting the ‘self’ back into self-love 0 (0)

In today’s world, fueled by materialism and consumerism, a lot of people see self-love as just pampering oneself. This is true to an extent, retail therapy works, but it’s superficial and isn’t long-lasting. Some people think that becoming physically healthier is what self-love truly encompasses. However, it’s not easy to suddenly change your diet to primarily consist of things you don’t even enjoy eating, or start going to the gym expecting to see results in a week. What’s more, if we fail to execute this new regime properly – if we skip a day of training or cave and buy that tub of ice cream; it gives us more of a reason to be harsh on ourselves. If we don’t deal with the underlying issues we face in our lives, I don’t think these attempts at self-love are very effective.