Author: Nandana Joy

Trials and Tribulations of the Mother Tongue 5 (7)

Strained would be the word I would use to describe my relationship with my motherland. Even more strained would be my connection to my mother tongue. With English at school and bits of Malayalam here and there at home, the latter became secondary, maintaining a peaceful coexistence with the former. Raised by Keralite parents abroad, […]

“Positive Vibes Only” 4.6 (23)

The term ‘toxic positivity’ is not new to us. While it contains the word ‘positivity,’ it is evident that this term opposes the entire concept of a stable mental health. Toxic positivity and its intense spokespeople have drowned out real emotions for the sake of sustaining ‘good vibes’. So what does toxic positivity entail? In a nutshell, the invisible toxic positivity movement encourages invalidation of negative feelings and emotions.