Author: Nruthya Bobby Johnson

Throwing Out the Distasteful Diet Culture 5 (3)

If you look up the meaning of ‘diet culture’, some of the most common definitions are “a set of beliefs that values thinness and body shape over health and well-being.” Diet culture isn’t about following a particular diet but has more to do with dieting for the sole goal of weight loss. Restricting calories, negative […]

Is Objectification of Human Bodies – Men’s or Women’s – Fair? 4.1 (9)

Objectification broadly means treating a person as an object or commodity without evaluating any other attributes, including someone’s personality. A person’s body and their sexual body parts are viewed as separate from the person.  A dehumanising and prevalent societal affair, issues concerning objectification were raised as early as the 1970s, and since then, its repercussions […]