Author: Priyanshi Agrawal

This Summer 0 (0)

On a dark, dreary cold night,
I sat behind the heater and recalled,
Some good old memories of those warm summers.
Summers, which are so lovable, yet so underrated,
But on these cold days, you know,
Those days seem to be like heaven.
When you wandered around freely,
In your short Bermudas and your favorite tee,
Without a load of those hefty woolens.

Free 5 (2)

It was a room full of giggles, yet something was missing,We all were sitting close, yet there was a long haul intervening.I was there with them, but I couldn’t see myself there.They dripped with sugar and honey from outside,But why could I only see the red eyes staring at me?I kept adjusting my hair and […]