Author: Rahil Singhi

The Beauty and the Beast Finding Questions 4.7 (30)

Have you ever had that moment when you suddenly started questioning every decision you had taken? Everything around you feels pointless. Nothing has meaning anymore. It’s like continuously falling into a dark hole without any signs of light. You keep finding answers without having a constant question in the first place. But there always lies […]

Is Chintu too smart or are we too dumb? 5 (4)

Education in India has always been theorized as monotonous and old. It mostly concentrated on literal and point-to-point learning until the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 came into effect. The policy has the strength to change the whole dynamic of Indian Education. When it comes to subjects like coding, AI, design thinking, etc. they never […]

Do we really have to wait for the moment to feel grown-up? 4.3 (9)

Turning to an adult is overrated. Don’t you think? Right from the beginning of our very existence, we are made aware of the perks and responsibilities of becoming an adult. We get so over-excited at the thought of growing up and often tend to underestimate the journey of growing up.  The irony is that the […]