Author: Riffat Ara Zaman

Autumn Is For Eloping 0 (0)

Miniscule specs of gasps trailed across, hinting none but the sheer quantity of apprehension scattering from the likes of Amber. No, she whimpered in agitation, dreading to feel the growl of liberty. This could not be happening for all one knows. No remedy possessed out there that could, again, possibly jerk off her indulgence in self-denial for an effortless case of rejection.

A Rampant Overview on Covid-19 with Climate Change 0 (0)

Whether it was inevitable or not, one can certainly admit that no one was prepared to face the adverse effects of the deadly malady, known as the COVID-19 virus, bearing more discord than a simple fraction of harm. One is the notorious novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 and another is global warming with its long-term effects. […]