Author: Shifa Qaiyum


People usually don’t enter the kitchen in their house to cook but to hog the food kept in the cabinets and it’s safe to say that I belonged to that very category. Cooking was still a long shot, I couldn’t even turn on the gas without my mother’s help, and all of this piled on me when I got married at the frivolous age of 20. Most of my friends were studying while a few others were still trying to figure out what to do with their lives and here I was getting married, stepping into an undiscovered and new phase of my life.

An Unseen Story 5 (4)

Alaya was walking back to her place after a tiresome day at work. As she turned onto a street, she heard a noise from behind but found no one thereupon turning around. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, she believed it to be a figment of her imagination and continued on her way. As Alaya turned onto her street, a dimly lit one with just a few houses, she was startled hearing footsteps following her but no one was there. Not thinking much of it, she entered her house hurriedly and continued with her routine. Even when she was trying hard not to think much of the sound of the footsteps, her mind continually wandered off to that very thought. After tossing and turning well into the night, she fell into a deep slumber.