Author: Sneha Manohar

A Symphony of Life 4.3 (3)

At some point of time in life, everyone wishes that some things could or should have ended differently.  No one can escape this inevitable feeling. Life isn’t fair, so it will surely bring such moments and people to you. There are many possible combinations of reasons that one can think of when talking about ways of letting others down. People can lie and mislead you for their own personal gains, or the best of intentions from both parties still lead to misunderstandings and create chaos. You may not get picked despite having all the qualifications and hence be let down by the system. Someone may steal from you or cheat you out of what is rightfully yours.  Someone may talk about you behind your back.

The Curse of Ellery 4.9 (39)

I was always perceived as the envoy of malice; ostracised by everyone and even berated by my own family because I was the child of a prophecy. Unlike everyone else, I was the only one that had to fear my ‘gift’. However, I never felt the true gravity of my situation, until their death. As I took the faces, the stature, the voice, and everything from the people, they slowly vanished from the face of the earth. And the worst part about this unusual murder spree was the fact that I couldn’t have stopped it right at the beginning.