Author: Sruthi Gopalakrishnan

The Time is Now, Else a Grim Future Awaits 5 (1)

With the global pandemic taking stage, the world seems to have forgotten about the problem that is slowly looming over us — climate change. We might wonder what a few degrees warmer is; It just means sunnier days, right? If it were that simple, biologists and scientists would not be imploring us to heed to […]

Racial Discrimination Takes Over Healthcare 5 (2)

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking center stage, nations have begun competing against each other to vaccinate their population. It has become all the more important now, more than ever to discuss Medical Apartheid.  Apartheid is an Afrikaans word that plainly translates to ‘apartness’ or ‘separateness’.  It is a racial segregation policy that affected millions of […]

A New Age Problem – Burnout 0 (0)

Most of us strive to land a dream job with a high-paying salary. Once we do achieve that goal, we tend to get sucked into rigid schedules and forget to pay heed to the other aspects of our life. The modern era demands prolonged hours of work, stress and minimum or no social life to satisfy the constant yearning to be on top and that can manifest as exhaustion and burnout.

A Case of the Winter Blues 0 (0)

When winter arrives, for most of us, the holiday cheer arrives. The town is decked with lights and people look forward to the beginning of next year with hopes and dreams. It’s the time of the year where the cold temperatures make you want to snuggle in a nook with a nice book and cup of hot chocolate or get together with family to enjoy a lavish feast for Christmas with Santa handing out presents. Sounds like a scene from a fairytale, doesn’t it?