Author: Sunita Singh

Bojack Horseman: The Zaniest Show About Depression 5 (3)

Ever since its release in 2014, Bojack Horseman has gained many critical acclamations and a number of loyal viewers who enjoyed the concoction of comedy and animation. It is a sitcom that explores the darker picture of a human condition. The Netflix series pursue the experiences of Bojack, a famous television star of the ’90s, […]

Misandry: An Unseen Hatred for Men in India 5 (19)

“A man goes public about facing domestic violence, abuse, or harassment against a woman, that time not only is his masculinity questioned, but he is also humiliated for not being able to stand up to a woman.”- The Quint. Misandry is a word that I learned during my first year in college, and I know […]