Author: Sushree Saipragyan Mohanty

Exploring Gender Fluidity 5 (3)

The introduction of Sylvie, played by actress Sophia Di Martino, into the Marvel Universe sparked a never seen before frenzy. She lived up to her moniker as the female counterpart of wickedly gorgeous, crafty and, evil aesir of Asgard, Loki. But another reason Sylvie will live on in people’s imagination is because she mainstreamed gender fluidity than ever before.

The Brave Kid I Parented 5 (5)

I have a younger sister. Completely normal, isn’t it? Everyone (or at least most of us) have a little devil that disrupts our life equation, steals our ice cream, and maintains a firm grip on our new clothes. But my case is rather unique. My graced this earth nine and half years after me. So you can understand what we are like. At the age when I was waiting for the legendary teenage epiphany of the world, my sister was busy making sure she doesn’t divide by a math problem that requires multiplication. Then there was a special situation between us: she was so young that she is like a child I raised myself. Yes, my mom is a working lady and my dad lives in another state, away from home. So it’s two people parenting one another. She’s someone who makes me happier, more open and caring. I, in turn, painted her as me, someone with a very high sense of justice and a fascinating stubbornness. And I could never ask for any better heir for my innate quality, even now all those traits of mine can be seen making an appearance in her now and then.

Reflections in illusions, love and life in myth 0 (0)

Through the pages of ‘The Palace of Illusions’, Chitra Divakaruni crafts a novel portrait of age old Mahabharata, from the perspective of its illustrious and enigmatic heroine Draupadi, the princess of Panchal, empress of Indraprastha. Chitra explores the myriad shades of life, love, valor, conflict, manipulation, regrets, and finally a war in this wonderful blend of myth and modernity. The residents and guests of the magnificent palace of illusions were marvelously captured by its mistresses point of view bringing forth a strange affinity between the characters and readers of the intriguing tale.