Author: Tanmay Kamble

Everyday Life and A Routine Dream 3.7 (3)

Imagine this: You are standing under a tree waiting for someone. It is windy but you don’t try to seek shelter somewhere else. It’s a cold night. You keep waiting, wearing a jacket not only to protect yourself from a bit of thorny weather but also because you think you look kind of okay in it. It’s the jacket’s familiarity that brings you comfort and protects you.

Media In Queer Representation And It’s Role Towards Inclusivity 4.6 (5)

It is 2022 and we cannot really justify mainstream media’s reluctance with queer representation. Not to suggest that the progress made so far could be dismissed entirely in its effort, yet the accurate representation remains elusive in its execution. There are plenty of misleading examples resulting due to inaccurate representations. They have either contributed to inherent ignorance within people or been ‘celebrated’ under the tone of comic relief.