Author: Upasana Sarangi

Book Review: Man and the Society in Camus’ Masterpiece 5 (2)

William Boyd said, ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus is one of those books that marks a reader’s life indelibly. This book was originally published in French as L’Etranger and later translated into an English paperback version by Joseph Laredo. Despite being a classic from the 1940s, Camus has dealt with some strong and important themes […]

Contextual Play of Equality 0 (0)

The idea of considering oneself as equals with one’s partner or friends remains quite fascinating. Sometimes individuals experience equality, and the other times, they aspire for equality. Yes, the previous statement is quite paradoxical. To understand better, here’s an example. A lady in her twenties might experience political equality when she goes out on the […]