Our First Birthday

Graphic by Mahalakshmi

On 17th July 2021, Team Bloody Donuts came together to celebrate its first birthday. It was a time to reflect on Bloody Donuts’ creative journey, and an unforgettable celebration of our completely remote, and growing team. We grew to become a proud team that helped shape who we are and influence the values that embody the vibrant, engaging environment we see today. This celebration was an opportunity to laugh, remember, and praise the memories of our wonderful organization. The event was extremely fulfilling and a chance for our team to connect and forge bonds. It filled us with a sense of optimism and gratitude and symbolized each and everyone’s contribution towards Bloody Donuts’ success.

Born out of the well-thought initiative of Bloody Donuts’ executive team, this celebration was a melodic composition based on the theme of Hawaii. The team started its preparation a month before the event. All team members were sorted into four teams – Planning, Content, Communications and Graphics. Everyone was overly excited. On the day of the event, the entire team gathered virtually on Google Meet for the celebration. 

The Planning team hosted the entire event in a fun and captivating manner. The team looked radiant in beach-themed clothes. Everybody engaged together to play bingo, connect 15, and two truths and a lie. We also enjoyed mellow singing performed by some of our team members. It was a night filled with smiles and laughter. We could not have asked for more.
Talent, ideas, and creativity was one true bond we shared. We ended this absolutely thrilling celebration with high hopes and spirits, to connect more and to look further, together, to many more such great birthdays. 

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