Be Careful What You Wish For

Graphic by Anirudh Bhattacharya

It was almost midnight and I was currently reading a fantasy novel which had dragons and elves and so many exciting adventures. I wished I could live the life of the protagonist, Emma. In the novel, she was an adventurer and she embarked on various quests. I thought,“She’s so lucky, whereas my life sucks right now.” Going through a pandemic and stuck in my house with my annoying family and online college, life seemed like such a big headache. I wish I could run away from this and somehow enter the world of the novel I’m currently reading. I thought about this silly wish for a while and then concluded that I’m too tired and I should sleep, since I had an early class the next day. 

A few hours later, I woke up with a jolt. I looked around and saw that I was not in my room anymore but outside as I saw trees everywhere. I realized I was not on my bed but I was on the ground. There was a bonfire a few meters away which seemed to have been extinguished and I noticed a brown sack near me. I tried to reach out to look inside the sack when suddenly, I noticed that my hands were purple in color. I immediately stood up and saw that even my legs were purple in color and my shoulder length black is somehow longer and silver in color. I tried to pinch myself to see whether this was a dream or not. But it wasn’t. I started freaking out. Amidst this chaos I remembered reading a web comic once where the protagonist ended up being transmigrated to the world of a novel they were currently reading. Strangely, My situation seemed familiar since I too was reading a novel last night and I recalled that there was a scene resembling my situation. Then suddenly, I heard a deafening roar which I was sure wasn’t the sound of an airplane. Then I looked around my surroundings again.  It looked like I’ve indeed transmigrated to the novel I was reading. 

I started freaking out even more but after a while, I calmed down a bit and instead, got excited. As per the skin and hair color I have, I think I’m most likely the protagonist of the novel, Emma, a half human half elvish adventurer who had purple skin and silver hair. I think I was at that part where she was on a quest to find a gold artifact from the vicious dragon’s lair. And currently, she was taking a break before I took over her body. After getting a grasp of the situation, my panic state got converted to an elevated state. I thought, “This is amazing, I’m going to embark on so many adventures and meet so many people, and have the time of my life. Adios to my boring previous life, I’m going to be an adventurer and have so much fun now-”

Suddenly I heard a roar again. It was the dragon I figured. I looked around and found my sword. The protagonist, Emma, was a master swords woman. I tried to pick it up but realized it was very heavy. This was strange, since in the novel, it was mentioned that the sword she used was light as a feather. Then I recalled that she was capable of doing some magic as well. I tried to do a simple spell but that did not work either. After trying out some more spells and failing each time, I then

realized that I’ve been transmigrated to this world and inhabited the protagonist’s body but did not acquire their abilities at all.  

Upon realizing this, I panicked. And while panicking, I realized some wolves had come very near to my vicinity. That’s the world of novels for you. Anything can happen anytime. And they were not your regular wolves. They were extremely big and looked really scary. Emma, a skilled fighter who was ready to take on any challenge, would’ve loved to fight these beasts. But not me. I tried to run away from them only to realize I was cornered within 5 minutes. I got really scared and thought, “Was I going to die within 30 minutes of entering this world? Heck, I don’t care about this world anymore, I don’t want to die and I just want to go back now.” Then shaking in fear I closed my eyes when suddenly, I heard the sound of my ratcheting alarm. I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom. I let out a huge sigh of relief. “That was a dream” I thought.  But it seemed so real and I remembered pinching myself to check when I was in Emma’s body but nothing happened then. That was so strange, but nevertheless, I was really glad to be back. I thought to myself that I would never again wish to run away from my current life. Also sadly, I realized that I would have made a really bad fantasy world protagonist. Dying within 30 minutes of entering the novel sounds so lame. But in the end, I’m happy I’m back in my room and to my world.  

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