Book Review: Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

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“Taking chances is a part of life, but when you bet your future against the odds, it’s a high-risk game.”

This book leads you to an inspiring journey of a single mother, Kate Madison and her adult children. Kate is a widow who lost her partner at a young age and solely raised her kids. She runs a business reselling and redesigning luxurious clothes. A mother of four, she wishes to protect her children and wants only the best for them. However, destiny has other plans for Kate and her family that permanently alters their lives.

The eldest of four, Isabelle is a successful attorney who falls for one of her clients, much to her family’s dismay. She later struggles to make her marriage a success amidst all the troubles that her husband ensues. 

Justin, Kate’s eldest son, lives with his boyfriend, Richard and is a professional writer. Everything is merry in their lives until they hit a crossroad over parenting a child.  

Julie, the younger daughter, is a designer just like her mother. But, unfortunately, she falls into a trap laid by her boyfriend, only to lose everything forever. 

Willie is the youngest member of the Madison family. He falls in love with a woman who is way older than him and makes a choice that leaves everyone beyond stunned.

Another significant character of the story is Kate’s mother. The author has smartly created the grandmother’s character as her take on life is in stark contrast to her daughter’s. She brings a refreshing change in the mood of the entire story by providing humour and dropping words of wisdom that are perfectly timed. 

From their struggle in professional life to their highs and lows in love life, each finds themselves in a testing position. Kate also has her share of troubles while rekindling a brief romance with a client as she juggles between her retail business and long-distance relationship. 

Against all odds is an underrated book by the best selling author, Danielle Steel. It is a warming story of a woman who derives strength from her family and wishes to walk along with her children, holding hands and protecting them from the adversities that life throws but becomes a mere spectator as they all make their ways “against all odds”. However, in her attempt to do so, she faces the dilemma of intruding in their lives. The title is perfectly chosen as it justifies the essence of the story while the complexity of each character is expressed profoundly. What makes the book remarkable is its take on issues such as domestic violence, surrogacy, same-sex marriage and parenthood that become a part of the main narrative in a very delicate and intelligent manner. 

The book is like hopping on a roller coaster with moments of shock, vulnerability and joy packed in a perfect proportion. It drops a subtle message that nothing compares to family. The readers of any age can resonate well with the story and feel connected with the characters as it showcases the journey of imperfectly perfect family dynamics. Overall, it makes an engaging and effortless read. 

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