Book Review: Supreme Influence

This book is about evolved communication. And it started when the author and mentor called Niurka, started her journey of transformation. From the moment she left her parent’s home when she was 14 years old, to every upside-down part of her life and the moment she found herself and life purpose by embracing her spiritual path.

She found her purpose in the personal development world where she worked for Tony Robbins, the worldwide strategist, coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and more, for 5 years, before she started her business. In those years, she shaped her future and the best version of herself.

This Book compiled years of learnings to embrace a Supreme Influence, which means to understand yourself and how your mind works first to communicate effectively with others. This kind of communication allows you to be precise with the words you are speaking, while at the same time you follow a rhythm that comes from your heart. With this communication, you understand the people around you on a deep level, and even negotiate with them, therefore it improves the quality of your relationships.

It’s a book that will impact your personal and professional life because it has a combination of several practices, such as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, etc. The author called it evolved NLP because she looks for you to speak your truth, and that truth comes from being aligned with your mind, heart, and soul, so meditation is one of the practices she incorporates too. 

What I loved about this book are the strategies Niurka gives you to implement in your daily life. One example is to recognize what kind of speaker you are. If you are a direct Speaker, meaning if you talk straight forward or if you are an Indirect Speaker, the one who speaks between the lines.

There are many examples like this one in the book. Lessons to transform the way you see your world because remember, if you change everything around you change too. It is a guide to improve the quality of your life by realizing the power of asking powerful questions in a way that allows your subconscious to answer them easily and effortlessly. One example of these questions could be: How can I be even more focused, driven, and joyful today?

The question must be stated in positive, begin with how or what, because if you start with why you expand the problem, except if you’re asking the reason why you’re doing something, and finally you can use words like even ore, right now, because they create momentum and also that you already have certain quality like “even more determined”.

The only “downside” that I could mention is that maybe the first time you read it is a lot of information, especially if you’re not familiar with NLP or Coaching. But if you are, it’s not a downside at all. It has its niche and I believe that was the intention. It’s written for the person who wants to take charge and change their life. It was created to take action.

I loved this book and reading it gave me a new understanding, starting with myself, others and business. This book was the reason why I attended one of her seminars where she gives you well-thought and strategized information, and at the same time is simple to digest and implement, such as the book. 

So, I would give the book a 10 out of 10 rating or 5/5 stars. It’s just a magical, transformative, and empowered journey that in my opinion, every person must embrace, but only the ones that are ready will take.

Angie Meléndez 

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