Book Review: 2 States

Graphic by Bibi Hajira

The book, “2 States”, was written by Chetan Bhagat, and has been a huge hit in terms of a movie or catering reading interests between the youth. After gorging into the series of Sydney Sheldon and Judith McNaught, it may sound strange, reviewing a book like 2 states. It’s like discussing a complex stand-out topic on marriage.

As I am an avid reader in life so am I a dedicated sleeper who just loves to sleep a little extra. But, this one book on this Earth woke me up at 3 am during my hostel life with an 8 am college to attend. It was like nothing in the world seemed more important and fanciful than completing this book in my cute little room with a yellow light on like 10 years back.

I was not reading this book like any other girl daydreaming about a handsome prince coming on a horse giving me a life of glee and bliss. Because back then even at the age of 22, I knew marriage is nothing but a blend of tomatoes and potatoes. I read it because it gave me giggles, glittery eyes, and smiles in abundance. And that’s what inspired me in my life to read and write in a way that let you go off your sorrows for a while.

The plot of the story revolves around a couple of two different cultures hailing from 2 different states. It is the onset of a beautiful love story under the majestic roof of IIM Ahmedabad. It goes around from being friends with benefits to the commitment of being one in the most hilarious way possible. It showcases perfectly that marriage is not a union of two souls together but, a merger of two families together juggling with their own personal issues and unknowingly taking a dig at the love story. The unsaid rivalry of the two states or the culture claiming to be better than the other can be very well seen. 

This book turned tables in my mind that writing high-level vocabulary words doesn’t always compile a write-up. But, simple and soulful writing does. This book is a treat to read and watch that 2 people of different states and religions went through all the hardships and drama to be one. Marriage is beautiful if blended with emotions and care. Marriage comes with its own set of rules and regulations and highs and lows but, so does every relationship. It takes you understand that love can really conquer heights, believing in yourself always helps, and what is meant to be yours will always make your way up to you. It makes you feel that what completing each other means to be in a marriage.

It was like if an IIT graduate and an IIM postgraduate turned writer can make it, a clinician turned writer definitely would, or else I would recommend this book to my parents. This book inculcated the writer in me. It gave me my professional work in 2 states that I am being in love with. Well, my 2 states are just sheer happiness.

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