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How To Celebrate Becoming A Woman In India 5 (3)

Puberty marks a significant change in a child’s life. It is a transition into adolescence, a coming of age that indicates the start of a new stage in one’s life. Despite the challenges that come with this major shift, it is something that adolescents celebrate among their peers, friends, and communities as an initiation of sorts to the adult world. There are various coming of age ceremonies across the globe, some are celebratory in nature while some are not.

Intersectionality at the Core of Environmental Conservation 0 (0)

It goes without question as to how the environment has sustained us and continues to do so, even with our deeply exploitative methods that threaten not only our survival, but of the other living species as well. Environmental justice is a social movement that seeks fair treatment for people of all communities in developing laws […]

Caste and Education: Dearth of Inclusiveness in the Indian Education System 3.9 (8)

According to Francis Bacon’s Theory of Ideology and Culture, ‘Knowledge is power’, as it had an evolutionary impression in the socio-economic and historical standpoints of humankind. It enabled humans to procure and preserve knowledge, take over the ones deprived of it and to manipulate the social and cultural institutions for personal gains. This analogy can be inferred to the caste discrimination in the field of education which is still prevalent in India. 

Cruelty Towards Animals Has To Stop. No Really! 0 (0)

Cruelty toward animals is not some random act. It does reflect some masochistic tendencies. But the people who do this sort of thing to animals would do the same things to human beings. However, the only thing stopping them is law and order. It’s not that there aren’t laws against animal cruelty. Acts like the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 in the Indian constitution prohibit violence toward animals.

Victoria’s Secret — Assorting Heterogeneity 5 (1)

In July 2021, Victoria’s Secret introduced a new ensemble of “angels.” They include American athlete Megan Rapinoe, actress and activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Vanetina Sampaio, the brand’s first transgender model. They allude to a significantly more variegated vision of beauty than was previously customary for the once-popular corporation. Victoria’s Secret learnt a lesson that other top fashion firms and the industry as a whole are learning that diversity sells.

Digital Blackface 4.5 (2)

In the world of digitization, we are exposed to a plethora of content every day. While our plates are already full, more content is added for our consumption. But in this content binging, we have been conveniently neglecting an issue that dates back to the 19th century. ‘Digital Blackface’ – a social phenomenon that encourages racial discrimination and provokes prejudices against black people. As the name suggests, digital blackface refers to white people disguising themselves as black on technological platforms and facilitating the spread of hatred against the black community.


Buying decisions are one of the hardest to make in life. And as consumers or investors, we daily wage a decisive war inside our minds while buying materialistic things or investing in something. And while we make those decisions, numerous things run wild in our minds before we finally execute those decisions.