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In a Complicated Relationship with Inspiration 4.5 (4)

As a mere eight-year-old, I remember wanting to send in my artwork for a kids’ art show airing on Nickelodeon to which there was but one hold-up — what should the artwork be? I’d remember seeing an artwork done by another kid on the show, a simple landscape with a pine tree or two, and wanted to create something along similar lines. But having come up with my rendition of a winter landscape, guilt seemed to have overcome me because I felt like I had mindlessly copied that kid’s art. At twenty-one, I still often find myself asking “Am I really inspired or anything I do with this particular idea would be blatant plagiarism?”

Why Just Love? 4.6 (11)

There was a time in my life when I wondered if I was alone if I did not have enough people around me. I was looking for connections that had depth, that had nothing much to offer but emotional support, deep, intimate understanding, to make me believe in safer spaces where every conversation did not have to make sense, where accepting things was not necessary, where letting out the unwritten poetry of my thoughts would seem easy and comfortable, and that is when I understood that friendship is not a lesser form of love.

An Ideal Day 5 (1)

Ideal, by definition, means perfect. So, a day where everything is exactly how you would like it to be, wouldn’t that be great? I haven’t ever really thought about it. It almost feels pressurising. What if twenty-four hours are not enough? There is so much I want to do, so many places I want to see and so many people I want to meet that I’m scared I might miss out on something but I’m going to make an attempt at penning it down.

Plans 5 (2)

I have always had plans, agreed that I am not a micro planner but I have always had a general idea of where I saw myself in a few years and these ideas have always been accompanied by general plans, like colleges I want to go to, degrees I have to get, internships that I definitely have to do, cities I have to visit and skills I have to develop. I like sticking to those plans and I have been working towards making them a reality from a very young age, and even if the plans kept changing, I would always have a path ready to walk on, a path that would inevitably lead me to the end goal. 

The Brave Kid I Parented 5 (5)

I have a younger sister. Completely normal, isn’t it? Everyone (or at least most of us) have a little devil that disrupts our life equation, steals our ice cream, and maintains a firm grip on our new clothes. But my case is rather unique. My graced this earth nine and half years after me. So you can understand what we are like. At the age when I was waiting for the legendary teenage epiphany of the world, my sister was busy making sure she doesn’t divide by a math problem that requires multiplication. Then there was a special situation between us: she was so young that she is like a child I raised myself. Yes, my mom is a working lady and my dad lives in another state, away from home. So it’s two people parenting one another. She’s someone who makes me happier, more open and caring. I, in turn, painted her as me, someone with a very high sense of justice and a fascinating stubbornness. And I could never ask for any better heir for my innate quality, even now all those traits of mine can be seen making an appearance in her now and then.

Learning to make the most of all relationships, irrespective of their time limit 5 (2)

I believe that memories are like life footages that you get to harbour in your mind and be able to play them on replay, to your heart’s content and, although there are many to share, my favourite one is going to take the main stage with this one. It was a mission to dig up […]