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The Journey to Destination 4.5 (4)

I’m tired of passing byThe plains that I love, The forest that hides the doves, The mountains that’s never been shoved, And the deserts that make me fall in love. Everything is beautiful to watchBut passing them byMakes me scorn.  I fell in love with the sunrise, But the sunset is what I crave for. I love to see the fireflies […]

Desolate 5 (1)

Frozen plains — fallow beneath,  Sheets of white — Tremblant fingers — sprawl — solemn forest — End of the world — bay groaning, beyond horizon — imagination, dances within mind — time stops in speeding headlights — kilometres are inside miles — leather Wrapped under hand — under gleaming  tips; fingers — nervous outside […]

Heartache 5 (2)

Void replaced my heart,As it knew you were gone.But I promise you I’ll still wait,For you, from dusk till dawn. I’ll stay for you, in the twilight,Beneath the shining sky.But now the scotch mist surrounds me,Feeling like there is no way to flee. You gave me pleasure,You made my lady luck bloom.You grabbed me higher,You made […]


As I looked around me,Barren land was all I could see.Beneath me, was the ground slowly crumbling,And above, the big black clouds were grumbling. My eyes were blinded by the heavy mist.And from nowhere, suddenly, I felt a fist,Inflict my empty stomach,And I was immediately reminded of my unfortunate luck. A rough hand then pushed […]