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This Summer 0 (0)

On a dark, dreary cold night,
I sat behind the heater and recalled,
Some good old memories of those warm summers.
Summers, which are so lovable, yet so underrated,
But on these cold days, you know,
Those days seem to be like heaven.
When you wandered around freely,
In your short Bermudas and your favorite tee,
Without a load of those hefty woolens.

The Cradle Of Every Creation 0 (0)

The rhythmic movement of trees, With canopies and twigs wavering in the breeze, Some sparkling yellow-ochre leaves, Detaching from the branches signifying transition, Embellishing the path, rustling and generating beats, Roots armoring the conifer with strength, To Tall cedars looping down for bestowing a shed, Water transpiring in veins, And lilies blooming in orchards, Dandelions […]

The Pretence of Summer 4.5 (22)

Tannin’ on the beach beneath the sun,sippin’ on the coconut of fabrication,holding hands, beholdingthe last ray seeping into the blue. Keepin’ the fireplace inky, forthe flames of those bonfiresstill sabotage my tranquility,scorching heat; barbecuing my spirit,hanging fire for gale not quite satiric. Waiting till the darkness followand complements the cool breeze, embracingme through the window […]