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A Friend in Need 0 (0)

Tears stained her pillow as her hollow screams were silenced. She turned and looked around her room looking for something that would occupy her mind and stop her from crying. She lay down on her now moist pillow and clutched her bed sheet tight and gritted her teeth, willing herself to stop crying. Slowly, her body relaxed and she took a couple of deep breaths as she realised she’d stopped crying. A few gasps escaped her lips as she steadied her breathing and sat up at the edge of her bed. “Tasha!” called out her mother’s cheerful voice from downstairs, “Dinner’s ready.” She sighed, wondering how her mother was never aware of what she was feeling, “Coming!” cried out her hoarse voice in reply.

Dead or Alive 0 (0)

Christina woke up early that morning despite the cold foggy weather and rushed to open her front door to pick up her mail and the newspaper. She was excited about reading her own article in the newspaper that day, it was a milestone she had been looking forward to for as long as she could remember. As she sifted through the various papers in her hand a postcard caught her attention. It was a beautiful picture of the St. Kate’s Cathedral with an invite to a funeral on the other side. What piqued her interest was that there was no mention of whose funeral she was being invited to. She slowly walked back towards her front door, the gravel crunching beneath her feet, her mind lost in thought as Kaira, her golden retriever, ran around her in circles trying to bite at her heels. She entered the house and made a cup of coffee for herself and settled on the couch with the coffee in one hand and the papers in another. Kaira bounded up to her and settled on her lap.

An Unseen Story 5 (4)

Alaya was walking back to her place after a tiresome day at work. As she turned onto a street, she heard a noise from behind but found no one thereupon turning around. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, she believed it to be a figment of her imagination and continued on her way. As Alaya turned onto her street, a dimly lit one with just a few houses, she was startled hearing footsteps following her but no one was there. Not thinking much of it, she entered her house hurriedly and continued with her routine. Even when she was trying hard not to think much of the sound of the footsteps, her mind continually wandered off to that very thought. After tossing and turning well into the night, she fell into a deep slumber.

The Curse of Ellery 4.9 (39)

I was always perceived as the envoy of malice; ostracised by everyone and even berated by my own family because I was the child of a prophecy. Unlike everyone else, I was the only one that had to fear my ‘gift’. However, I never felt the true gravity of my situation, until their death. As I took the faces, the stature, the voice, and everything from the people, they slowly vanished from the face of the earth. And the worst part about this unusual murder spree was the fact that I couldn’t have stopped it right at the beginning.