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The Visitor I Longed For 5 (3)

Some people believe that a traumatic childhood often leads to the occurrence of strong, vivid but dull memories throughout the sufferer’s life, children with disturbing childhood experiences make horrible adults. If I choose to accept this theory, then I have no doubt or shame in accepting that I am an unstable individual. My therapist once said to me, “Gina, you can afford to live your life the way your mind allows you to. You don’t always have to swim, sometimes floating is enough,” Since then life has been easier, not happier because, for something to be happier, it first has to be happy. I often get such thoughts when I am walking around these empty streets, streets I grew up on.

Beside The River, Safe From The Rain 5 (3)

The Twilight games of the kids filled the air, one can hear their laughter, energetic shouts as well as see their mothers gather and talk about their daily struggles of passing life.  There was this playground that occasionally appeared during the driest summers that we had when the heavy river dried up a bit.  A small patch of land, which in a blink of an eye turned green, with lush grass.

Come in, Flight 314 5 (3)

“Local control? This is Flight 314 checking in from South Eastern Airways. Requesting permission for descent.”  “Copy that.”  Brian Cowell sighed to himself and leaned back in his seat. It had been a long day. “Ground control?”  he spoke into the radio . There’s a Flight 314 from South Eastern Airways requesting permission to descend.”  […]

Tu me manques – You are missing from me 5 (4)

My head rang, I gasped for air as my body trembled. My world had gone dark and all it took was 3 words. “He has passed away.” That never seemed to be a possibility to me. I could never believe it. How could I? The saint who had a keen ear to listen to everything I had to say was not there anymore. The one person who never failed to believe in me a

Throne of Death 0 (0)

As was the custom, being the firstborn he inherited the throne after his father’s death. His father was a good leader, not the best but at least he cared about the people and did his best to help them. The realm was divided by the love for their king and hate for him ever since he inherited the throne because ever since Daman came into power, things had been different. Half the realm believed in his image and his promise for a better future, the rest saw beyond his words. The rampant hatred that was flooding

The Mysterious Call from the Orchids 4 (5)

It was just another day at the 911 emergency help service in the city. Random calls of theft, shoplifting, fire, and fraudulent activities were being attended by the officials devoted to working for the betterment of the citizens every day.Though all of this seemed to be a very regular activity of sorts, it soon turned […]