Colours of Angst

The song you sing,

Please let me too.

The way I do,

I’ll teach you too.

The reds and blues,

Whites and green,

Today they all live within me.

The last they saw, the summer hue,

You wouldn’t know what all they made me do.

The monster you fear,

Resides within you,

Let it out,

Before it takes you in.

But how shall you know when it’s time to let go?

The clouds shall tell you,

When the rain gets heavy to be carried back,

The air shall tell you,

When the dust becomes a part of you,

The earth shall I tell you,

When the weight sits up above you

The song you sing,

Please let me too.

When the clock ticks slower,

And the hours seem stretched

When they tell you not to sing,

I’ll sing the song along with you,

But please let me too.

The reds and blues,

Also, the whites and green,

Still live in you.

Let them out, to see the summer hue,

But in the shades you want them to.

The way you do,

Please teach me too.  

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