Confusing Sentiments

Graphic by Mrunal Pawar

There are 3 rough edges,

In the page with a hundred wordsInk stapled with memories, and Paying the soul for my hope deferred

With the nonvolatile feeling of oneness

Imagination tearing apart

Reality having intentions

That left the poet with a cut.

Love was never so emotional

It was the words they said, and wrote

With a scar of royal silver skyline;

The golden sunset roared

Cobblestones with thoughts failed,

Painlessly numbed us with the breeze

Life has seized the chance of death,

Depths of excruciating pain unhealed.

The death intensified thoughts

Incomplete sense of completion

Corrected the mistake of life

And shy hesitations;

Laughing with the cry of mystery

About lost agitations

Darkness laid light on the soul.

Ravages of temporariness,

Monuments of lost control

High ambitions and elite roles

But at the end it’s a grave

The unheard words and smiles

Which no one would notice of,

No one hears their cries.

Sometimes it’s enchanting to drive down

The road of existence and nothingness

Where you just lay down for some time

Until you reach the abstract habitat

With no people and just that, darkness

Haunting you day and night while you

Are stuck in the cave of doubt,

But you, stay there, waiting for the light

You cry till your tears build a strong stream

Without realizing it’s already night…

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