The Criteria for Romance

It is the electricity zinging through my body 

when I see you walking towards me.

It is sitting in your car as the sun gives out, 

holding hands and arguing about a movie.

It is running for cover when the heavens set to pour 

and betting on who finishes the shawarma first.

It is in the way our fingers interlace; softly caressing my palm.

You explain to me how perfect it is that your hand was made for mine.

It is how you swell with pride when my skies bestow a win 

and in how you hold my fears when the thunderstorms begin.

It is in the playful banter, loving jibes and jovial bets we make 

as you walk me all the way home to keep me safe.

It is in your soft whispers, soothing me through the phone at night 

and how sometimes you cry when I cry.

It is when you stay up with me and sing me to sleep, 

often a song listing out all the things that we could be.

It is in your arms, pulling me in as we sleep and, 

in your lips, planting a little kiss on my cheek.

It is buried in the nape of your neck, the velvet of your skin; 

sensing your warmth makes me feel safe- an infrared longing.

Romance to me is in every muscle you move,

Since romance is a poem about me and you.

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29 thoughts on “The Criteria for Romance

  1. Shreyaa S Kumar

    Omg Rachna this is so beautifully thought out and written! :’) Absolutely loved the feeling it invokes. Kudos! Keep ’em coming! ❤️❤️


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