Deathless Wings of the World

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Definite is this existence, 
Definite is this world, 
But by something so pure 
This universe is forever furled. 

Older than temporal time, 
But as new as a seedling, 
It has grown by the second, 
And will for time everlasting. 

This palpable being will one day depart, 
Leaving behind no traces but in hearts, 
But what it leaves is a love so large, 
That does but console it’s mortal sweethearts. 

That which we call love is not bodily, 
Its truest form finds itself in souls, 
It is the essence of all nature, 
It is the makeup of the universe. 

Writings on sands may be washed away, 
Carvings on stones may be smoothed out, 
But how can one remove from the world, 
Something which it is made of? 

Mortal are those who lose the war,
Mortal are those that fade away, 
But to an everlasting existence, 
Love is a strong stairway. 

A warrior who kills the immoral, 
An apostle who teaches of good, 
An eye that is uncritical, 
To all these love alludes.

An immutable force that wins all wars, 
An indestructible relic that stands tall, 
The bricks of the world that evolve, 
Love is a legacy that lives on. 

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