Frozen plains — fallow beneath, 

Sheets of white — Tremblant fingers

— sprawl — solemn forest —

End of the world — bay groaning,

beyond horizon — imagination, dances

within mind — time stops in speeding headlights

— kilometres are inside miles — leather

Wrapped under hand — under gleaming 

tips; fingers — nervous outside Sorrell

Sainted Arabian knight — spills past Old Port,

Needle-clad arms — hanging boughs

on Joseph’s shoulders — bells ring for deaf, 

Blind — murals gleaming, gilded

in darkness — beacon gleams,

over prostrated steps of faithful —

Plateau — colonial balconies, 

wrought iron — mobiles and stairwells,

Winter bellowing in searing streets —

First floor refuge in Saint Philip. 

DEP — rooftops and beer — chips, all-dressed—

Ottawa waves blow down — fifth wheels, 

Seeking shelter — abandoned in drifts —

Eighteen-wheeled schooners sail on soft shoulders,

white knuckles gleam — alone, 

— ten hours to Toronto.

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