Blame it on one spur of a moment or calculative step, violence chills the spine of every biological body. In every country, slightly or rampantly the ill branches of domestic violence are visible and quite consistent. Blame it on a man or on the woman to adjust in taking violence, domestic violence is the rude format of exhibiting vengeance. India in the past years and during the pandemic had begun to become the torch-bearer of it. The cause and the consequence are no more a shadow. During the pandemic, women or the other significant gender battled an individual domestic violence pandemic. The crime of domestic violence took its flight high above the aircraft in the pandemic leaving the women community in distress. Now, how, why, and when these fluctuations took a rear place, just pour down your vision on it through the write-up.

Domestic Violence: A New Meaning to the Crime

Sexual abuse in domestic violence is a common chapter of the crime. there are other modes of economic, cyber threatening, physical assault, and many more. Apart from abusing in these predetermined ways, ‘confinement’, in lockdown, or COVID-19 situation gave a hitch to the wagon of domestic violence. Nations across the globe witnessed the horrifying landscape of mass violation of women’s rights. Not just India, but developed countries like Australia, the USA, France, UK, and Germany took over the league. It did not take a months’ time for India’s National Commission for Women (NCW) to register 587 domestic violence complaints.

Adding up to the crime, abusers locked up women in their house. As a result of which, most of the women lost connectivity with their families, friends, and close relatives. Women descended back to fight these situations. Visual impairment in their brain to come out of the deadening avenue created fear among the family members.

Domestic Violence: Fine causes for the Violence Perpetration

‘There is no smoke without fire’. In the same thread, there is no abrupt exfoliation of a crime unless there is a repetitive practice of it. If you do not allow men to overpower your body through abuse, domestic violence neither in the pandemic or otherwise could not have crept in. but, saying this, there are circumstances when women in domestic violence cannot escape. No one reason is responsible for the violence perpetrated. Certain cultural practices, social and economic background is leading to accounts of domestic violence cases.

The greatest reason being the patriarchal mindset. Men with only the whim to dominate the body of women is a seed in raising hands. Patriarchy is the driver of domestic violence. And, in this long vacation, violent activities took place. Other corroboratory factors that join the offense are low income, unequal behaviour, poor education, mental stressors, and its likes. Judges of different esteemed Courts saw domestic violence in the forms of sexual harassment and rapes. Marital rape escaped from the corner of getting penalized. But, this rape in marriages should now hold a vital eye in the judiciary’s vision.

The lawmakers and the interpreters should sit down and write punishments to make men understand how important it is to take permission and that one yes before throwing themselves at women in bed. The men community who believe in forceful sex as pleasure should think that their wives’ bodies can be a day in their daughters’ lives as well.‘A woman makes a Man. At ten or forty, they are the same. Give them the place they deserve. Or else, every beauty and brain will fail’.

  Inequality is just a word. Constant trials to push women even below the grace level is a Dark Day for every man. It is not late to find one day that women do not believe in marriage anymore. That day, the process of reproduction and the happy smile of babies will just be a talk show. History tells women when bolted below the line come out better, fierce and unstoppable. This pure mould of glorifying traits: Women should be taken the same way as Men. Pandemic will drop down after two, three, or five years. But, women in domestic violence will come out more if the men of today do not mend their ways for tomorrow.

Women often ignore the first slap, choking, or pulling of hair. Ask women in remote areas, they still think husbands raising hands is one form of love. But, no! no! no!, assaulting, abusing, and beating is not even the ‘L’ of showing love. It’s just how your husband has grown in an environment or a criminal mind that resides with you. Now, when should you prepare to convince yourself that domestic violence has begun to take a space in yours marriage?

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