Epiphanies & You

I thought I was happy until I met your eyes

They held me hostage and I complied

Saw the world through them and realised,

How it seems brighter with you by my side.

I thought I was happy until I was in your arms

Blatantly they held my broken pieces 

And crafted something infrangible, ignoring alarms,

Something enchanting, something the world never ceases 

I thought I was happy until I heard your voice

my once vapid days, I now rejoice

Warmth and love like never before

Embraced my soul and that’s when I swore;

I thought I was happy but now I know

When I’m with you I’m so much more.

With every laugh we create new memories 

And every moment we spend at ease,

I think,  maybe, it’s not coincidental,

How you complete me and are a fundamental.

The mystical realm of happiness I fantasised

One that I coveted,  almost despised 

Is no more oblivious, is not amiss

For now that I have you,  I’m in bliss.

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