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Ever felt an emotion that stops you from seeking out your happiness by introducing several other emotions and thoughts in your head. It is the emotion that makes you realize the reason behind your happiness while pursuing you to believe that there is no reason for you to deserve it?

 Well, the choking & staggering feeling that causes all this blur is FEAR. The search for one’s own goal & ultimate peace in life should be motivated by the pleasure that you receive with every success that comes your way but unfortunately, it gets driven by our fear. It is not the pleasure of playing that drives you to win rather the sheer fear of losing that makes you win & that is where we submit ourselves to our demons. 

Three words that drive our fear are danger, harm & pain. The emotion “fear” is a coalesce of these three words. So, to overcome fear we need to tackle and put an end to these three sources of fear itself. Every individual has their understanding of fear and a dark gloomy place that gives rise to it.

Fear of a being, whether human or animal is something that can be overcome by knowing more about the subject. We are afraid of things we don’t know much about & as we don’t know about the capabilities of the other, we have our assumption that generally categorizes the other as a danger based on an aspect of our biased & one-dimensional opinion. The danger we tag them with helps us believe that the other could harm us thus induce pain hence the originates fear. All this can be avoided if you give the other a chance, know more about it, look at it from all directions & understand rather than misunderstanding them, by doing so we won’t label them blindly and the fear towards them will come to an end. 

Fear of certain scenarios or situations is a completely different subject, I believe these fears are difficult to deal with as they originate from our mind & our negatives feed them, they are harder to tame, difficult to win over because such fears are generally killed by the courage to accept and move forward which are tough to achieve. 

It is not the task that scares me but the outcome, the uncertainties & insecurities that surround me, haunts me to believe that no matter what I do, I have a defective core and everybody can see it moreover they are disgusted by it they hate me & I deserve every ounce of that hate. My insecurities, slowly giving room for my fears to grow to make me believe that everyone around me is better, they are living the perfect life whereas my life is anything but perfect. There you have it; these thoughts drive our confidence to hit rock-bottom and suddenly we are afraid to even speak. What if I say something wrong and this happens and it ends with them hating me? What if something I say causes everyone to discover what a loser I am? I know it’s easier said than done that you should have confidence, believe in yourself, you deserve love, love yourself! But, no matter how true these things are and how they help us overcome our fear, saying “face your fears to overcome them” is easy but if only I could face them, they won’t be a problem, would they?

The one thing that led me to achieve all these above-mentioned things is acceptance. Accept your fears, acknowledge that you are afraid of such & such thing! Once you accept the problem, finding the solution becomes easier. So, once you accept your fears you can walk towards overcoming them. Acknowledge the source of your fear, work on resolving it from the core rather than avoiding it. 

I can’t rush myself or force myself to overcome my fears, I can’t give myself an ultimatum to get rid of my fears within a certain period. I believe overcoming my fears is an organic process and it will take time & I am ready to give it, accept my shortcomings, my flaws, my fears and move forward with it only then I believe anyone can ESCAPE FEAR.

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15 thoughts on “ESCAPING FEARS

  1. Simran Bhatia

    So well described! You have described everything that goes in our mind during the moment we are weak, felt like I was reading my own thoughts !

  2. Harkirat kaur

    No one can describe this feelings ..this we can only talk and motivates to someone and get out from the any kind of fear
    Great work👌

  3. Amanpreet Singh

    Amazing essay! Very well written,and get out from the any kind of fear
    Great work👌
    Good thoughts.. worth reading


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