It was a room full of giggles, yet something was missing,
We all were sitting close, yet there was a long haul intervening.
I was there with them, but I couldn’t see myself there.
They dripped with sugar and honey from outside,
But why could I only see the red eyes staring at me?
I kept adjusting my hair and clothes,
But why were there laughs and criticisms everywhere?

I want my life ‘Free’,
Free from the fear of judgment by others,
Free, from their cheap suggestions,
Free, to live my life on my own.
Will there be a day like that?
When all these fears will be over,
When I’ll be able to walk over all the paths confidently.
Yes! I’ll make sure that it does,
Cause it’s my life, and it is precious to me,
And it should be precious to all.

Let’s shut down all our windows and doors,
To the storm, that used to give you more and more scars.
So, let’s take up a pledge,
A pledge to give yourself attention and love,
Love, which you’ve been giving to all, except yourself.

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