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As I look around, all I get to see are electronic devices and internet technologies, ready at my service. This scenario is the same for all the other people in this world. It was not the same in the earlier generations where electronic devices were only a dream. As we keep moving forward, people are not satisfied with the resources that are available and keep on demanding for more. Development of digital society was on such grounds.

To reduce manual work in all the aspects, ‘Digital Society’ was built in various parts of the world. With the advancement of industries and technology, time seems to have got faster. To match it, manual work is getting slowly replaced by these technologies and these electronic devices, which is faster than human beings and much more efficient in serving the purpose.

‘Digital society’ is a medium of developing a modern world which has a place for technologies and internet services to fulfil human demands and lead the world to the next level. Technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more, are the base of this society which has the purpose of reshaping the resources available at homes, workplaces and industries.

This society had a great impact on people and it will continue in the future. The 21st century has been a witness to global change in the technological world. It changed the lives of so many people in various aspects. Numerous opportunities have been built for the young generation to showcase their knowledge and contribute to the expansion of society.

Various industries got machinery based on AI and IoT that has reduced the labour and manual cost and has increased efficiency and production. The world has also witnessed massive advancements in the field of medicine and agriculture where the huge workload got reduced. Economical and political areas also had the chance to make use of the resources for their efficient work. It is so evident that in our country, Prime Minister Modi brought the concept of ‘Digital India’ and celebrates 17th October as the day when ‘Digital Society’ step its foot in the grounds of India. There are many more impacts of the society that it had on human lives.

It cannot be denied that ‘Digital Society’ is still not complete and perfect. It is not possible to make everything perfect. It goes along for this society too. Some people misused the boon of these technologies in the various forms of cybercrime like hacking, phishing and many more. Does anyone know the reason why? The reason is right here – the flaw that we have in the technologies that we discovered so far, irrespective of any field.

Every moment is the right time to overcome those small flaws that exist. Every researcher, every technologist and every individual must be up-to-date and be aware of all the ups and downs of certain technology and work on it. After all, it is how technology slowly evolves and reaches into the hands of the common mass. Thus, ‘Digital Society’ is still growing. It has got its seed sown into the lives of the human mass. But, its leaves, roots and branches are on the stage on coming out. It is a matter of time that people will come across and understand the depth of ‘Digital Society’.

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8 thoughts on “Hub of Growing Technologies

  1. RB

    Amazing… This perfectly depicts the present day scenario of the world where slowly and steadily TECHNOLOGY is paving it’s path towards successful digitalisation.
    Well done❤️


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