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According to me, one of the most beautiful things in the world is ‘Inspiration’. Getting inspired by someone; and then in turn inspiring many others – this is what that keeps one motivated all the time, and fills him with enthusiasm in order to strive for the best in life!

We all have that one person or thing who we respect the most, look up to them, and derive our inspiration from them. It is indeed true that life tends to get complicated each day with its challenges and shortcomings. In such circumstances, it is our inspiration from others that keeps us going. It is not necessary that one needs to be inspired by some famous celebrity or sportsperson. If we look around, we will see that inspiration can be found in the simplest of things. 

I have always been inspired by several people and things around me. Talking about the very first source, it is my family, who I look up to and adore the most. I try to learn something new from them every day, and incorporate those values into my daily lifestyle.

Firstly, my mother has always been my constant source of support and strength. Whenever I feel lost, or find myself facing difficulties in taking decisions, it is she who helps me choose things wisely. Despite being a homemaker, I really admire the way she carries out her innumerous day-to-day responsibilities, and that too very smoothly. This gives me immense courage to face the challenges that I come across. I do recall a time during my sixth grade, when we were given a group project to work on, and I was appointed as the group leader for the same. When I got to know about this, I became very anxious and worried because I had always been an introvert, who hardly liked to socialize or start conversations with people. However, I eventually mustered up courage to face the golden opportunity that was now knocking at my door. I had always observed my mother being preoccupied with several tasks at a time. In such circumstances, she used to advise me to take up “one task at a time”, and finish them one by one. Taking this example, I divided the work among the group members equally, and delegated duties to many of them. In the course of the discussions, I found myself more confident and responsible than before, and was successful in executing the tasks effectively. Thus, this was one such experience where my mother inspired me significantly.

The next person who has always been a ‘role model’ for me is my father. It is he, who teaches me to face life’s battles very bravely, and not to give up if I do not succeed the first time. I wish to follow in his footsteps and work very hard on my goals to make him proud one day. 

Talking about my grandparents, in spite of being in their late eighties, they leave no stone unturned to enjoy life to the fullest. During my school days, when I used to come home from school feeling very stressed out, I used to then observe them, probably watching movies, listening to songs on the radio or doing meditation. Seeing this, my mood used to get uplifted instantly, I started viewing everything in an optimistic manner. Thus, my grandparents too have always been a constant source of inspiration to me.

Another thing that inspires me the most is seeing people going out of their way to help others during their times of need. The best example was seen during this pandemic period, where people from different parts of the country were seen quitting their jobs to start food-operations, wherein they would provide home-cooked nutritious food, that too at very nominal costs. This came as a huge blessing for millions of people who fell victim to the virus, and also for those who were not mentally and physically fit to prepare their own meals. Thus these things really make me happy and give me the zeal to keep moving forward in all situations, however adverse they may be.

The next source of my inspiration are the real-life stories of people who did not have adequate resources, but through their persistence and resilience, they fought their battles, and are now at the pinnacles of success. We all saw how one person won a gold medal in the Olympics and he instantly became a role model for millions of others. While watching the interviews of the Olympians who competed in Tokyo this year, I was deeply moved after hearing the struggles and hardships that they went through. It happens several times that we fall into extremely difficult situations which become almost unbearable to resolve. Talking about one incident from my personal experience, in my eleventh grade, I had taken up Humanities as my academic stream unlike my other friends who had mostly chosen the Science stream for their studies. I was often asked about this at social gatherings, and many of them after hearing this, used to demotivate or discourage me for this decision. However, I slowly learnt to divert my mind from such pessimistic aspects. I then started reading autobiographies of eminent personalities and watched several interviews of them. The Olympians were all from very humble backgrounds, and their simplicity inspired me the most. This boosted my morale, and I went on to study the subjects of my choice with utmost interest and dedication. 

Thus, it is indeed true that inspiration is very subjective. Many people get inspired by renowned personalities, or even their family members or close ones, whom they respect and admire the most. On the other hand, many of them find it in their shortcomings and failures, which they believe to be nothing but stepping stones to success. They take things into their stride and work with full zeal and enthusiasm so that they might set an example for others to follow and emulate one day.

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